April 10, 2009

Candles to Brighten Any Wedding Theme

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By Erica C. Lamar

Wedding favors come in all shapes and sizes, but candles can serve as a double-edged sword, as they can be either quirky and fun or repetitive and boring. Don’t cave in to monotony; spruce up your wedding theme by giving your guests candles as favors, and make vibrant selections by choosing from a variety of waxy wonders.

Elegance: Give guests some insight into the sheer royalty that makes you and your partner unique with dainty candles. Wedding cake candles, tuxedo candles and double happiness unity symbol candles will give your guests the token of love they deserve. Personalize them with your wedding date and names.

Aromatherapy: After all of the planning that your loved ones have provided you with for your wedding, reimburse them with aromatherapeutic help. Beautiful candle designs include scented sandlewood candles, frosted votive wedding candles, and scented calla lily wedding cake candles.

Hold It: Give your guests options! Let them decide what kind of candles they’d like to place in their beautiful new candle holders. Ideas include wedding bell place card and candle holders, fairy tale-themed castle candle  holders, and a double heart candle holder, which will express your eternal love.


April 8, 2009

Coordinating Wedding Favors with Your Fabulous Theme

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Let’s face it; themed wedding parties tow a fine line between A-List classy and oh-so-tacky. The difference is in the delivery, and in the design. Throwing a wedding with a twist will make yours an event that guests will never forget, and giving them favors that coincide with your wedding’s fabulous flair will provide a tangible treat, something extra that will help them to remember the occasion forever.

Happily Ever After

A Very Important Date: When opting for a themed wedding, go for something whimsical; Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson‘s wedding was a goth-inspired tribute to their love for each other and the literary classic Alice in Wonderland. When going this route, treat your guests to something reminiscent of the fairy tale with cutesey decor like cupcake place card holders, personalized picture cookies and Wonderland tea bags.

A Wish Your Heart Makes: For the Cinderella in you, go for elegance and grace, while putting your own spin on your event. Show your guests the royalty that lies within us all with pewter pumpkin coach picture frames, coach design candles and your very own fairy tale guest book.

Love, Naturally

Nature-themed weddings have been a big hit during the warmer months. With your wedding, you’ll be expected as newlyweds to spread love; but spreading some wildflower seeds wouldn’t hurt, either.

Go Green: Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller‘s wedding set the trend for newlyweds embracing nature. While many are making the environmentally conscious shift for their big day, some newlyweds-to-be are afraid that going green for their wedding will mean shelling out tons of the stuff. Have no fear, natural selections favors are budget-friendly, and favors like rattan design cinnamon stick candles, green tea, and calla lily coasters will brighten spirits.

Destination Wedding: The isle resort you wanted your aisle to be in may have been overbooked, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat your guests to sandy beaches and summertime festivities. Give them something to remember from your summer-themed wedding with kitschy beach themed picture frames, starfish wine stoppers and bottle openers or summertime themed candle holders.