April 9, 2009

Music and Your Wedding Reception

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By Erica C. Lamar

Lots of newlyweds get so tied up in all the planning that goes along with setting up their wedding that they end up with a monotonous DJ who doesn’t meet their standards or a band that doesn’t appeal to all of their guests.  A great way to avoid making your perfect day merely almost-perfect simply because of a lackluster playlist is to follow the music of your heart.

first danceMix it up! If you’re not having a themed wedding, you’ll want to mix up the music, and although you may enjoy it, you don’t want your grandparents listening to hip hop all evening. Jot down a list of songs from different genres (not a LAUNDRY list) for when you consult with your DJ or band beforehand. This will give them the chance to decipher whether or not the music will they are planning to play for your reception will be suit your needs and make him aware of the type of crowd you will be entertaining. Select the romantic wedding songs that you’d like to play from classics such as “Because You Loved Me” and “Unforgettable”  from The Definitive Wedding CD.

Research! Check your DJs references. You won’t be happy when you realize that your friend-referred DJ doubles as an impromptu comedian and starts picking on your guests, or even worse, he brings half of his equipment to your very special occasion. Professional disc jockeys are usually listed under the AJDA (American Disc Jockey Association)and the organization will provide for you imperative information about the DJ of your choice’s membership.  Be sure that you meet with him beforehand, and do not merely speak with him over the phone! Ensure that your DJ has liability insurance in case one of your guests is injured by their equipment.

Make it a Band! Whether or not you’re throwing a themed wedding, give your guests a spectacular twist with a professional band instead of a DJ. Consult with the band just as you would with the DJ, to tell them the songs you’d like to be played for your guests as well as the instrumentation you’d like to be highlighted.

Favors Anyone? Make your wedding a night to remember with unique wedding favors like music note place card holders or musical note candles. Go a step further with personalized favors; create CDs of your favorite romantic songs for your guests that will allow them to capture the moments of your wedding forever.


March 19, 2009

10 Essential Wedding Accessories

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Wedding accessories are an essential product category for your special day. With so many accessories on your to-buy list we have put together a helpful list of the top 10 most essential wedding accessories for every bride.

Top 10 Must Have Wedding Accessories:

1) Guest Books and Pen Sets

Guest books and pens are extremely important and no wedding would be complete without them. Your guests will want to write you a special message on your special day. What better way to facilitate this than to purchase an elegant guest book/pen set. There are a variety of sets available online including many different themed sets to match your event and style. From Butterflies to Cala Lilys you can find them all at favorwarehouse.com

2) Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cake toppers aren’t just decoration. They are a special memento that will always remind you of your wedding day. There are many options available but we suggest going with a personalized wedding cake topper for that extra special touch. It will be personalized with your new monogram and your wedding date. What better way to preserve the  memory of your special day?

3) Ring Pillows

Ring pillows are a must.  Your ring boy can’t carry the wedding rings in his pocket now can he? Your most valuable  and sentimental pieces of Jewelry should be carried in style. Checkout our selection of stylish and affordable ring pillows. We have classic satin ring pillows, personalized ring pillows, and even beach themed ring pillows for tropical destination weddings.

4) Wedding Cake and Knife Sets

A regular old cake knife just won’t do on your wedding day. We carry a large selection of cake and knife sets to suit every taste. From the classic cala lily design to the more hip and trendy bride and groom design cake and knife set. At these prices, you just can’t go wrong.

5) Unity Candles

Unity canldes are a special memento that you will cherish for years. You can personalize your candles with your wedding information. We guarantee that you will treasure them for years to come.

6) Wedding Garters

We carry a large selection of garters to suit every taste. Our garters act as the ideal accessory on your big day. We have everything from personalized embroidered garters to our crystal heart wedding garters, which even include a free tossing garter so you dont have to part with your special accessory. Don’t have your “something blue” yet? Check out our something blue adjustable wedding garter.

7) Wedding Cameras

Place one of our personalized wedding cameras on each table so your guests can get creative and share their memory of your day with you from their own unique perspective. Our cameras include an instruction booklet that will let your guests know what to do. After the pictures are taken they will leave the cameras on the table for you to develop. It will be so much fun to look through the pictures after your special day. Having a professional photographer is a must but even they cannot provide the unique point of view of your special day that each of your guests can, and your guests will love to participate. 

8) Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Gifts

We carry a huge selection of bridesmaid gifts and groomsmen gifts for the special members of your wedding party. You chose them for a reason. Let them know how much they mean to you and your wedding day by purchasing the perfect gifts for them at prices that won’t make even the most price sensitive brides cringe.  We have everything from engraved gifts like personalized lighters or cufflinks for the guys to engraved jewelry for the ladies. You can keep it simple with embroidered duffel bags or get something extra special like personalized pen sets.

9) Flower Girl Accessories

An elegant flower basket is a prerequisite, but you can make your flower girl feel extra special with our Flower Girl Tee & Tote Set or some special flower girl jewelry.

10) Memorial Candles

While having all your loved ones present on your wedding day may not be possible you can always remember them with a special memorial candle set. You will feel their presence and have a reminder of them there with you on your special day.

Unique Wedding Favors on a Budget

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Written by Dimitri Stefanopoulos/Favor Warehouse, Inc.

With a dizzying array of wedding favors available on-line finding a unique favor that won’t break the bank can be a challenging prospect. Many websites have entire sections dedicated to unique wedding favors that range from stylish to eclectic with a wide price range to choose from.

The key to finding truly unique wedding giveaways at discounted prices is research and patience.

Comparison Shopping is critical.

Just about every wedding website claims to have the lowest prices online and the largest variety of products to choose from. Actually finding them there can, however, be challenging. Always trust your instincts. Differentiating between a site with a common product catalog and catchy marketing jargon and one that really goes the extra mile to find unique and affordable gifts for with their customers in mind takes lots of research.

The best place to start is your favorite search engine. Try the search term “unique wedding favors”. Millions of results will be presented no matter which search engine you use. The best results tend to be at the top, whether paid advertising results or naturally ranked results. The first couple of pages are always the most relevant results whether paid or natural listing. They are there for a reason. These sites tend to carry the best selection at fair prices and are usually more dependable than sites listed 10 pages in. As a rule of thumb it is always best to comparison shop on at least 3 or 4 of the top sites. Doing so will help you sort through the ones with creative marketing jargon and unimpressive products and those with truly unique wedding favors. once you further narrow your search to 2 or 3 websites you can usually find the same products across them all at different price points. It is important to carefully read the sites policies, review shipping rates, and look for any price guarantees. Many sites offer discount coupons which can be used in conjunction with their low price guarantees.

Finding unique wedding favors on even the best sites can still be difficult. Scan through the navigation menus to see whether they have a dedicated section for unique favors. You will typically find items in those sections that are much more interesting and thoughful than your typical wedding favor.  For example you can find products like satin eye masks or Eco-friendly yet affordable natural bamboo wedding coasters and a mix of classic products with a stylish twist like a “with this ring” bottle stopper, which doubles as a cute engagement ring display box and practical wine bottle stopper.

As you can see, you can find a large variety or really unique wedding favors that are both trendy and practical and sold at great price points.

Happy Shopping!

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Personalized Event Favors

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A wide range of personalized favors to suit your gifting needs are available for just about any event:

Personalized favors are much more than just the latest fad and the design possibilities are endless. From personalized coffee and tea favors to personalized mint containers, the selection of products and the number of personalized designs available make personalizing your thank you gifts both trendy and practical way to go.  You can select from a wide array of color palettes and design elements with most products and match them to your event theme as well. Unlike typical party favors, personalized favors come in many colors and styles to accommodate just about every taste. If you are having a themed event like a beach wedding you can even find beach themed wedding designs that can be applied to many different types of favors. With destination weddings becoming more and more popular finding the perfect thank you gift for your guest to match your event is becoming easier as personalization companies pick up on the trend and offer a larger selection of themed designs.

Choosing the right personalized favor for your event:

With the plethora of options available selecting the perfect personalized product and design can seem like a daunting task. Many times websites will display page after page of design options and this can be a bit overwhelming. The best way to narrow your search is to try to determine your basic preferences first. For example narrow your search down by color and search the websites personalized section based on that color. Try formatting your searches as narrowly as you can by selecting keywords to associate with the personalized favor you are interested in.

For example, lets say you have a bridal shower with a Vegas theme and want to order something perfect for a group of young female guests. Try searching for Vegas theme personalized lip balm favors or Las Vegas style personalized compact mirrors. The results that will come up will be much fewer, more precise and more manageable. You can then take it a step further and add a color to your search term to match the color scheme of your event. With the number of personalized designs available you are almost certain to find the perfect gift with a matching design and color. This will add a nice touch to your party and your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Variety, style, and service with a smile:

When personalized favors first started gaining popularity the design libraries that companies offered were limited, as was the level of service you would receive. Many companies only had a dozen or so designs available and shipped the merchandise out without first assembling the products. The customer would then have to worry about sticking dozens, sometimes hundreds, of labels onto their gifts at the last minute when they had so many other loose ends to tie up. Today, due to the growth of the personalized gift industry and the growing demand for personalized favors, most personalization companies have become much more service oriented and offer free assembly and large design libraries from which to select the perfect design. They will even apply the labels for you so there is no additional work to do once you receive your order. The last thing anyone wants to do during the final stages of planning a big event is to stick labels on dozens of mint containers or personalized lip balms. Always look for personalized favors that include assembly in the price.

Ordering ahead of time is critical:

Many people plan their entire even out before even thinking about ordering their favors. With personalized favors it is always best to allow for at least a couple of weeks time for order processing, printing, and delivery.  We recommend ordering  ahead of time to avoid any potential for production or shipping delays that may occur. Once you place your order you should always keep an eye on its progress if you have a last minute event planned. Most companies offer rush processing and shipping even on personalized favors and you should make sure to speak with a live person if timing is critical. They can work with you to ensure prompt delivery so that there is no last minute stress to worry about.

Author: Jim Stevens/Favor Warehouse Inc.

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September 28, 2007

Wedding Favor Idea: Wine Glass Charms; Easy & Affordable

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Wedding Favor Idea: Wine Glass Charms; Easy & Affordable
By Ellen Russell

Your wedding is a personal reflection of you. Everything at your wedding should reflect your life, dreams, interests, and your love as a couple. A theme of the day and share a piece of your personality with your guests.

Wedding favors are not hard to find,
but finding something that is personal and has not been used repeatedly is more
difficult. The key is to find a favor that is unique in itself, or twist an
idea to let your personality shine through.

A unique wedding favor option is creating personalized wine glass charms. No
craft experience is necessary, and they are economical to craft (the rings themselves
cost about $1.00 for 10 or 12). Supplies for making wine glass charms, also
referred to as beverage rings or markers, are easy to locate.

Shop for supplies through a bead store, craft store or online retailer. Novelty
and craft importers offer economically priced charms in large quantities. The
charms you choose for your wedding favors are what will make your favors personal.
This is where the internet is your best resource, as an abundance of charms
are available in all imaginable themes. You can choose a charm reflecting a
hobby, interest or occupation, such as flowers if you garden, motorcycles if
you live to ride, Americana for military couples…the possibilities are
truly endless. You do not need to feel limited by looking for products specifically
made to be charms. Anything you like the look of that you can fix to the ring
will work (small novelty buttons with round shanks and scrap booking buttons
are good options to explore, too). Keep in mind that you do not necessarily
have to make all your charms identical. In fact, you can add interest and conversation
to your day by choosing several coordinating charms, or making “his and
her” sets by choosing one charm to reflect an interest of the bride and
another for the groom. A traditional choice may be more your style, in which
case use heart shaped charms, love birds, doves or inspirational word charms
(nicely priced charm sets of four to six with words such as “live, laugh,
love, hope, and friends“ are available).

Once you have shopped for the charms for your wedding favors, buy the beads.
Use any beads you like. For something a little nicer with some sparkle, choose
glass beads. Glass beads are still inexpensive and will add a little more class
to your favors. Choose beads that coordinate with your charms or match your
wedding colors. You can choose to use one color for each charm, or make a pattern.

Buy the glass charms (or beverage rings as they may be called) and you are ready to begin creating
your wedding favors. While you are buying your supplies, you may want to invest
in an inexpensive pair of jeweler’s pliers. They’ll come in handy
for tightening closures or rings on charms. Invite the bridesmaids over and
have a beading party! A great benefit to this project is that, unlike food or
chocolate choices, the favors can be made well ahead of time, reducing your last minute
projects as your wedding day draws near.

After all your glass charm favors are made, you will want to create a unique way to display them
with your names and wedding date. Using either your home computer or hiring
a printer, design a business or index card template that will fit the charms
and give you enough space to attach the charms. Along with your names and wedding
date, you can add an inspirational quote, favorite adage or cute saying, something
like “charmed you were here”, or “thanks from the charming
couple”. Get a small hole punch from a scrap booking supply, punch holes
and tie with ribbons
to match your wedding colors. If you do not feel one charm is enough as a favor
for your guests, link two charms together per card, giving each guest a set
of two to take away, mirroring your new life as a couple. Remember, do as much
or as little as you feel comfortable doing within your budget; favors are meant
to be a small, token thank you, not an extravagant gift.

For a very unique display of your wedding favors, put them on the glasses at each place setting. Be sure to attach
a tag or card celebrating your day, and nicely state the guests should remove the rings and
take them as a favor from the happy (or “charming”) couple. Again,
you can use your rings as a fun “his and her” display by placing
one charm on a wine glass, and the accompanying place setting with a charmed beer mug handle.

Time is a factor for every couple planning a spectacular wedding day. If you
like the idea of custom crafted favors but lack the time or ability to make
them, get in touch with a local (or online) crafter. Many are happy to accept
custom work, and might appreciate the opportunity to work on something new.

Every new, different idea you use at your reception will work for you to make
your wedding day unique. Create favors with a personal twist and your wedding
day will be a memorable reflection of you as a couple. Using wine glass charms
as a favor is a wonderful way to display your personality and love for each
other on your wedding day!