March 19, 2009

Personalized Event Favors

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A wide range of personalized favors to suit your gifting needs are available for just about any event:

Personalized favors are much more than just the latest fad and the design possibilities are endless. From personalized coffee and tea favors to personalized mint containers, the selection of products and the number of personalized designs available make personalizing your thank you gifts both trendy and practical way to go.  You can select from a wide array of color palettes and design elements with most products and match them to your event theme as well. Unlike typical party favors, personalized favors come in many colors and styles to accommodate just about every taste. If you are having a themed event like a beach wedding you can even find beach themed wedding designs that can be applied to many different types of favors. With destination weddings becoming more and more popular finding the perfect thank you gift for your guest to match your event is becoming easier as personalization companies pick up on the trend and offer a larger selection of themed designs.

Choosing the right personalized favor for your event:

With the plethora of options available selecting the perfect personalized product and design can seem like a daunting task. Many times websites will display page after page of design options and this can be a bit overwhelming. The best way to narrow your search is to try to determine your basic preferences first. For example narrow your search down by color and search the websites personalized section based on that color. Try formatting your searches as narrowly as you can by selecting keywords to associate with the personalized favor you are interested in.

For example, lets say you have a bridal shower with a Vegas theme and want to order something perfect for a group of young female guests. Try searching for Vegas theme personalized lip balm favors or Las Vegas style personalized compact mirrors. The results that will come up will be much fewer, more precise and more manageable. You can then take it a step further and add a color to your search term to match the color scheme of your event. With the number of personalized designs available you are almost certain to find the perfect gift with a matching design and color. This will add a nice touch to your party and your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Variety, style, and service with a smile:

When personalized favors first started gaining popularity the design libraries that companies offered were limited, as was the level of service you would receive. Many companies only had a dozen or so designs available and shipped the merchandise out without first assembling the products. The customer would then have to worry about sticking dozens, sometimes hundreds, of labels onto their gifts at the last minute when they had so many other loose ends to tie up. Today, due to the growth of the personalized gift industry and the growing demand for personalized favors, most personalization companies have become much more service oriented and offer free assembly and large design libraries from which to select the perfect design. They will even apply the labels for you so there is no additional work to do once you receive your order. The last thing anyone wants to do during the final stages of planning a big event is to stick labels on dozens of mint containers or personalized lip balms. Always look for personalized favors that include assembly in the price.

Ordering ahead of time is critical:

Many people plan their entire even out before even thinking about ordering their favors. With personalized favors it is always best to allow for at least a couple of weeks time for order processing, printing, and delivery.  We recommend ordering  ahead of time to avoid any potential for production or shipping delays that may occur. Once you place your order you should always keep an eye on its progress if you have a last minute event planned. Most companies offer rush processing and shipping even on personalized favors and you should make sure to speak with a live person if timing is critical. They can work with you to ensure prompt delivery so that there is no last minute stress to worry about.

Author: Jim Stevens/Favor Warehouse Inc.

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