April 10, 2009

Candles to Brighten Any Wedding Theme

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By Erica C. Lamar

Wedding favors come in all shapes and sizes, but candles can serve as a double-edged sword, as they can be either quirky and fun or repetitive and boring. Don’t cave in to monotony; spruce up your wedding theme by giving your guests candles as favors, and make vibrant selections by choosing from a variety of waxy wonders.

Elegance: Give guests some insight into the sheer royalty that makes you and your partner unique with dainty candles. Wedding cake candles, tuxedo candles and double happiness unity symbol candles will give your guests the token of love they deserve. Personalize them with your wedding date and names.

Aromatherapy: After all of the planning that your loved ones have provided you with for your wedding, reimburse them with aromatherapeutic help. Beautiful candle designs include scented sandlewood candles, frosted votive wedding candles, and scented calla lily wedding cake candles.

Hold It: Give your guests options! Let them decide what kind of candles they’d like to place in their beautiful new candle holders. Ideas include wedding bell place card and candle holders, fairy tale-themed castle candle  holders, and a double heart candle holder, which will express your eternal love.


March 19, 2009

Unique Wedding Favors on a Budget

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Written by Dimitri Stefanopoulos/Favor Warehouse, Inc.

With a dizzying array of wedding favors available on-line finding a unique favor that won’t break the bank can be a challenging prospect. Many websites have entire sections dedicated to unique wedding favors that range from stylish to eclectic with a wide price range to choose from.

The key to finding truly unique wedding giveaways at discounted prices is research and patience.

Comparison Shopping is critical.

Just about every wedding website claims to have the lowest prices online and the largest variety of products to choose from. Actually finding them there can, however, be challenging. Always trust your instincts. Differentiating between a site with a common product catalog and catchy marketing jargon and one that really goes the extra mile to find unique and affordable gifts for with their customers in mind takes lots of research.

The best place to start is your favorite search engine. Try the search term “unique wedding favors”. Millions of results will be presented no matter which search engine you use. The best results tend to be at the top, whether paid advertising results or naturally ranked results. The first couple of pages are always the most relevant results whether paid or natural listing. They are there for a reason. These sites tend to carry the best selection at fair prices and are usually more dependable than sites listed 10 pages in. As a rule of thumb it is always best to comparison shop on at least 3 or 4 of the top sites. Doing so will help you sort through the ones with creative marketing jargon and unimpressive products and those with truly unique wedding favors. once you further narrow your search to 2 or 3 websites you can usually find the same products across them all at different price points. It is important to carefully read the sites policies, review shipping rates, and look for any price guarantees. Many sites offer discount coupons which can be used in conjunction with their low price guarantees.

Finding unique wedding favors on even the best sites can still be difficult. Scan through the navigation menus to see whether they have a dedicated section for unique favors. You will typically find items in those sections that are much more interesting and thoughful than your typical wedding favor.  For example you can find products like satin eye masks or Eco-friendly yet affordable natural bamboo wedding coasters and a mix of classic products with a stylish twist like a “with this ring” bottle stopper, which doubles as a cute engagement ring display box and practical wine bottle stopper.

As you can see, you can find a large variety or really unique wedding favors that are both trendy and practical and sold at great price points.

Happy Shopping!

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